Vince Staples, 6LACK, Mereba collide on “Yo Love”

A groovy love song for the soundtrack of ‘Queen & Slim.’

Vince Staples, 6LACK and Mereba have come together for a tender ballad titled “Yo Love.” It appears on the soundtrack for the forthcoming film, Queen & Slim.

Staples kicks off the track with a rhythmic verse where he tries to get to know his lover more. “I been beaten black and blue / Story of my life, tell me something about you / Where you from? Did you stay or did you run? / You ever thought about a daughter or a son?” he raps.

Meanwhile, 6LACK and Mereba deliver silky harmonies on the chorus. “I’d do life for your love / I would probably swing a knife for your love / Go against everything right for your love / And I would probably man down them if they ever tried to stifle your love / Cross the line, I just might for your love,” they sing over jazzy electric guitar and a groovy bassline.

“Yo Love” is the latest addition to the soundtrack of Queen & Slim, following “Ride or Die” by Megan Thee Stallion and Vickeelo, and “Collide” by Tiana Major and EarthGang. The OST arrives this Friday, while the movie hits cinemas on November 22.


Listen to “Yo Love” here:


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