Victoria Monét unveils hypnotizing new song, “Moment”

    A sultry slow jam.

    Victoria Monet Moment
    Image: Audible Treats

    Victoria Monét has released a mesmerizing new song, “Moment.”

    On the slow jam, the California singer coos seductively over a smooth beat produced by Tim Suby and D’Mile. “So let me take away your pain, give me all of your emotions / Land it like a plane on my back, if you can’t hold it / Life is but a dream that you manifested slowly / So fuck a fantasy, this your motherfucking moment,” she sings.

    “‘Moment’ is a song about lust transformed to reality. A psychedelic, musical mini-world for a sensual dream that comes true after building tension,” Monét said in a press statement. “It’s a song encouraging a lover to step up to the beauty once imagined and make the satisfaction worth all of the salivation at last.”

    Last year, Monét released the song “Ass Like That.” She also teamed up with Ariana Grande—her longtime songwriting collaborator—for “Got Her Own,” which appeared on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack, and “Monopoly.”

    Listen to “Moment” below: