Victoria Monét breaks a sweat in video for “Ass Like That”

The Cali singer goes retro.

Victoria Monét takes us back to the ’70s in the video for her new single, “Ass Like That.”

The throwback clip features the California singer working out in old-school activewear in a playful nod to vintage exercise videos. “With them everyday squats, making shit pop / Never had them ass shots, but she take shots / He wanna know how she get that ass like that,” Monét sings.

“I know with gym work comes comments about my body or suggestions like ‘Don’t get too buff,’ but I’m not afraid of being strong,” Monét explained in a press release. “I wanted to be strong enough to talk about my own body the way men do in many rap songs. I reserve and deserve the right to talk about it, with or without the world’s approval, because they never asked for mine. They never ask for ours.”


“I hope this song inspires more women to feel good about the personal goals they set out to achieve and talk about them how they please. Let this song be one of many on the soundtrack to that journey,” Monét added.

Monét previously teamed up with Ariana Grande—a longtime songwriting collaborator of hers—on “Monopoly.” She is set to drop another collab with Grande titled “Got Her Own,” which will appear on the forthcoming Charlie’s Angels soundtrack alongside the lead single “Don’t Call Me Angel.”

Watch the video for “Ass Like That” below:


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