VanJess tap Ari Lennox for “Cool Off the Rain” remix

The song was originally an interlude on the duo’s ‘Silk Canvas’ LP.

R&B duo VanJess have enlisted Ari Lennox for a remix of “Cool Off the Rain,” which originally appeared as an interlude on their 2018 album Silk Canvas.

The extended version of the track adds a new, dreamy verse from the Dreamville singer. “I’m the one for you / Be catching flights and a whole typhoon / There’s but so much I can take / So baby cool down and ride the wave / You’re the one for me and let it go, it’s all to me,” Lennox sings.

The three vocalists then come together to deliver smooth harmonies on the final chorus: “Tell me how to do this right? / ’Cause you been actin’ strange, like we enemies / I’ll cool off the rain.” Lennox also provides the song some soulful ad libs.


The rework of “Cool Off the Rain” is VanJess’ first new release since Silk Canvas. On the other hand, Lennox released her debut album Shea Butter Baby in May.

Listen to the “Cool off the Rain” remix here:

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