Ty Dolla $ign debuts new song “Hottest in the City” on ‘Fallon’

He also performed part of “Purple Emoji.”

On Monday night, Ty Dolla $ign graced the stage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to debut his new song, “Hottest in the City.”

The singer opened his set with “Purple Emoji” as he performed in front of a giant color-changing cross with a three-piece band. Halfway through, the band segued into a trap-tinged beat as dancers joined Ty on stage for “Hottest in the City.”

“Uh, 720 Mclaren, mine gon’ go the fastest / Got a stain on my shirt from these Cookie ashes / New Versace denim, mix it with the Janet Jackson / All she want is new Chanel and Celine glasses,” he sang over the hip hop-inspired beat. The singer ended his performance with a cry to “free A$AP Rocky,” in response to the rapper’s current legal troubles in Sweden.


Watch Ty’s Fallon performance here:

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