Tiara Thomas releases video for “Ride You Like a Wave”

Featuring the singer crouching atop a cruising car.

R&B/pop artist Tiara Thomas has released a new video, for “Ride You Like a Wave.”

You might remember the honey-voiced singer from Wale’s 2013 hit “Bad.” Since then, Thomas has released an EP almost every year, the most recent being FWMM (which stands for “Fucking With My Mind”) in March.

The lush “Ride You Like a Wave,” the final song of that EP, traces a dysfunctional relationship that nevertheless sizzles with undeniable chemistry. The Christian Breslauer-directed clip depicts a carefree Thomas alternating between vibing out in a dark, neon-streaked establishment and balancing atop a cruising car.


Check out Thomas’ video for “Ride You Like a Wave” below:

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