The Weeknd, Metro Boomin have a wild night in “Heartless” video

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Weeknd has released a trippy video for his latest single, “Heartless.”

In the dizzying clip, the singer and the song’s producer Metro Boomin head to Las Vegas for a boys’ night out. The duo roam the neon-lit streets and try their hand at the slot machines while downing drinks.

The visual cuts to The Weeknd in his hotel room, where his licks a strange-looking frog which sends him on a bad trip. The duo start to hallucinate that they’re turning into frogs, growing scales and webbed hands. The Weeknd tries to run from this nightmare, but ends up puking on the streets.


“Heartless” arrived last month, alongside “Blinding Lights.” Watch The Weeknd’s new video here:

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