The Weeknd goes on a wild ride in video for “Blinding Lights”

The sequel to his visual for “Heartless.”

The Weeknd has released an action-packed video for “Blinding Lights.”

The clip, which picks up where the video for “Heartless” left off, opens on the singer hopping into a luxury car for a high-speed drive down a highway. He ends up at a bar, where he’s serenaded by a female performer. The pair have chemistry, but it doesn’t end well. By the end, the singer, now battered and bloody, laughs to himself as he tries to hitchhike his way out of the city.

“Blinding Lights” dropped last November, alongside “Heartless.” The songs are expected to appear on a forthcoming album by The Weeknd, although it hasn’t officially been announced. His last full-length project, Starboy, arrived in 2016.


Watch the video for “Blinding Lights” below:

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