The Internet want to “Come Over” in new song

It’s the second single off their forthcoming album, ‘Hive Mind.’

While The Internet’s “Roll (Burbank Funk)” was full of psychedelic, disco-inflected beats, “Come Over” hears the band going back to their smooth R&B roots. The second single off their highly anticipated fourth record, Hive Mind, is a sleek and steamy one.

“Home alone / For the night / I can turn you on / With my dirty mind,” lead vocalist Syd coos on the track’s hook with her seductive and lush vocals as bandmate Patrick Paige backs her up with his punchy bass lines. Steve Lacy also gets a moment to shine on this track, too, as he rips into a 20-second guitar solo mid-song.

In addition to the song’s release, the band also shared the album’s official artwork via Instagram. Hive Mind drops July 20. Stream the track here:


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