The Internet drop fourth studio album, ‘Hive Mind’

After three years of waiting, we’re privy to the Odd Future band’s smooth new record.

After dropping their 2015 Grammy-nominated record Ego Death, members of The Internet went on to work on their own solo projects, so we’ve had to wait three long years for the follow-up. The good news is: That album is finally here. And it’s worth every second of the wait.

Hive Mind is a 13-track record that perfectly encapsulates the band’s late-night grooviness. The album opens with “Come Together,” a brooding track that grapples with themes of divisiveness and uncertainty. “I can’t be sure / Ah, anymore / Today or tomorrow / What we’ve come to / What we’ve come to,” lead vocalist Syd sings. And then, like a retort, the chorus kicks in, with the band’s individual voices coming together on the refrain, “They gon’ get us to come together.”

Things take a lighter turn deeper into the record. “Stay the Night” is a bossa nova-inspired track that focuses on a simple melody and Syd’s soft and velvety musings. The whole song is basically pillow talk, but it’s never in your face. Take notes, Zayn.


Hive Mind is a complete album with a great narrative, the likes of which are in short supply these days. Rather than spotlighting Syd and lead guitarist Steve Lacy, this record truly sees the band as a collective. A hive mind, if you will.

Listen to the record for yourself:

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