The Internet drop colorful “Come Over” video

Syd makes her directorial debut.

Last week, The Internet shared their saucy new single, “Come Over” and now the R&B outfit have just released the track’s accompanying visual.

It’s quirky and full of color. Directed by Syd, the video also stars the frontwoman as its leading lady who pursues the girl-next-door. After several failed attempts at flirting and serenading her crush, Syd finally gets the invite to “come over.” The rest of The Internet also show off their respective partners in the clip.

Adding a dash of humor, the video includes a scene of Steve Lacy passionately playing his guitar solo before bassist Patrick Paige interrupts. “Turn that stupid-a** sh*t down. You see Kwalisha up there trying to goddamn meditate. You’re playing these piercing a** solos and sh*t, f*cking up the whole vibrations,” Paige fumes before storming off.


Hive Mind is out July 20. Watch the music video for “Come Over” below:

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