The Internet bring back disco with “Roll (Burbank Funk)”

It sure feels as though the ’70s never left.

Three years after dropping their last album, The Internet are back with a new single, “Roll (Burbank Funk).” And unlike their previous alt-R&B excursions, this one is full-on, Soul Train-certified disco—with a twist, of course.

Over the waviest bassline the quintet has laid down yet, Steve Lacy and Syd deliver an intoxicating duet: It’s psychedelic, groovy and hypnotic all at once. If Tame Impala and Earth, Wind & Fire were to collaborate, with André 3000 on the producer’s chair, the result would probably sound similar to this.

“Roll (Burbank Funk)” is likely to come off The Internet’s as-yet-untitled fourth album, a follow-up to 2015’s Grammy-nominated Ego Death. Listen to the tune here:


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