Syd returns with romantic new single, “Fast Car”

Not to be confused with the Tracy Chapman classic.

Syd has returned with a sweet new single, “Fast Car.”

The video, co-directed by Ethan Nelson and Graham Epstein, finds The Internet vocalist on a romantic road trip with her girlfriend. The couple document their travels with a camcorder as they drive through a hilly desert.

“Kiss me like you mean it now / Right here in the front seat / Don’t care that they’re beepin’ now,” Syd sings. “We gon’ piss some people off / But right now that’s where we belong / Right here in your fast car.”


In a statement, Syd said about the song: “I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls. I want them to see themselves in this and in me.”

“Fast Car” marks Syd’s second single of the year, following her February offering, “Missing Out,” which was her first song in almost four years. Last year, The Internet confirmed that Syd is currently working on her next solo album, which will be the follow-up to 2017’s Fin. In 2018, The Internet released their most recent album, Hive Mind.

Last year, Syd was also featured on Lil Uzi Vert’s album, Eternal Atake. Watch her new video for “Fast Car” below:


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