Sudan Archives drops evocative video for “Confessions”

It ends with a snippet of the new song “Black Vivaldi.”

Sudan Archives has released a powerful video for “Confessions,” the first single from her forthcoming album Athena.

The clip depicts the violinist/vocalist born Brittney Parks performing in a quaint suburban house as women do their nails, braid hair and groove along to the music. Midway through the video, they gather in an alleyway and vibe out as Parks croons over lustrous strings. It ends with Parks seducing a man in a neon-lit backroom, soundtracked by a snippet of another album cut “Black Vivaldi.”

In a statement, Parks described the video as “a female flip on classic rap music videos and resilient women surviving in a world that seems to be falling apart.” She continues: “It ends with its alter ego ‘Black Vivaldi,’ an ode to duality. It’s about being the seduced and the seductress, it’s about God and the Devil, Yin and Yang, and about the possibility that we might have it all wrong about the two.”


Parks previously dropped her EP Sink in 2018 as well as Sudan Archives in 2017. Her upcoming album Athena will arrive November 1 via Stones Throw.

Watch the video for “Confessions” here:

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