Stokley, The Bonfyre erases the past in “Cascade” MV

A cut off Stokley’s forthcoming album, ‘Sankofa.’

Stokley has shared a futuristic video for latest single “Cascade,” featuring The Bonfyre. The track is a cut from his forthcoming sophomore album, Sankofa.

The visual, directed by Josh Sikkema and Warf, juxtaposes futuristic elements with ’80s-esque vibes. It opens with Stokley hiring a service to forget the memories of his past lover whom he had cheated on. He goes through the process of erasing his memory, though the procedure is potentially jeopardized when he encounters belongings of his former flame.

On the track, Stokley and The Bonfyre collectively question whether they can make up for past mistakes: “Solar flares ignite our tongue / We said shit that we never meant / A trigger pulls a smoking gun / Can we reverse the damage dealt?”


Apart from “Cascade,” Sankofa will also include singles like the Snoop Dogg-assisted “Vibrant” as well as “She…,” which were previously released in 2020 and 2019 respectively.

Sankofa is due to drop on April 5. While you wait, you can watch “Cascade” here:

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