Sly and the Family Stone documentary to premiere in 2019

It’s directed by indie filmmaker Brady Spensor, a trusted friend of Sly himself.

A new documentary about Sly and the Family Stone, titled Dance to the Streaming Music, will be out this year.

According to Deadline, director Brady Spensor met Sly Stone in 2008 and quickly became a trusted friend. He interviewed the reclusive musician on several occasions on many topics, including the implementation of the Music Modernization Act, which gifted Stone a consistent stream of previously unreceived royalties.

“I became his friend at his most down and out… [I] feel incredibly grateful for Sly’s trust and participation allowing me to document the end of a tragic spiral,” Spensor told Deadline. “When Sly finally collected his royalties after years of being financially strapped and homeless, it warmed my heart,” he added.


The documentary is wrapping up under the auspices of Winter State Entertainment, and is due out sometime in 2019.

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