SiR, Sabrina Claudio drop sensual “That’s Why I Love You” video

    A standout from SiR’s latest album, ‘Chasing Summer.’

    SiR Sabrina Claudio That's Why I Love You MV
    Image: SiR official YouTube

    SiR and Sabrina Claudio have released a steamy video for their collab, “That’s Why I Love You.”

    The clip opens with SiR smoking up alone at home, though a posse of women soon join him. “Primitive passion, human reactions / Puttin’ it all on the line / This could be real life, but why do I feel like / We would be wastin’ our time?” he sings as the ladies undress around him.

    The visual cuts to Claudio lying on a bed of spikes while singing: “I couldn’t handle being disloyal / Unintentionally break us apart / Nor could I measure the level of pressure / I’d be under, protectin’ your heart.” The video ends with the duo getting intimate in bed.

    “That’s Why I Love You” is a cut from SiR’s latest album, Chasing Summer. The record, which dropped last month, also features the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Hair Down.”

    Watch the video for “That’s Why I Love You” here: