Sammie responds to Cardi B on “Thru My Phone”

The clapback track tells the other side of the story.

Cardi B’s “Thru Your Phone” may have struck a chord with anyone who’s been the victim of digital infidelity. But there are always two sides to any story—and Sammie’s more than happy to tell it on his clapback track, “Thru My Phone.”

Set over the same moody beat as Bardi’s original, Sammie’s response isn’t so much an apology as it is a badge of pride. “Why did you go through my phone? / You kicking doors in my home / You poppin’ up in the middle of the night and finding girls in my home,” the R&B star croons, making zero excuses. He isn’t even ashamed about it—in fact, it seems he’d prefer a little privacy.

“Thru My Phone” certainly offers a different take on Cardi’s song, trading her angry flow for a mellower vibe. It’s probably a good thing these two aren’t a real-life couple. Because it sure wouldn’t end well.


Have a listen to Sammie’s take here, and choose your side:

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