Sabrina Claudio unveils sensual “Take One to the Head” video

A cut from her album, ‘Truth is.’

Sabrina Claudio has released a steamy new video for “Take One to the Head,” a cut from her latest album, Truth is.

In the clip, the singer performs the song while dressed in a sparkly black two-piece outfit, showcasing her sultry dance moves as the camera revolves around her. “I’d rather take one to the head / Than hear the words you speak / You know it has the same effect / Just goes down more smoothly,” she sings on the chorus.

Aside from “Take One to the Head,” Claudio’s Truth Is LP also features the ZAYN-assisted “Rumors.” She previously linked up with SiR on “That’s Why I Love You.”

Watch the video for “Take One to the Head” below:



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