Russ throws his cap into the R&B ring with “Serious”

The rapper shows he can croon with the best of them.

The borders between R&B and rap are permeable, and that’s nowhere more obvious than on Russ’ new song, “Serious.”

Russell Vitale switches with ease between R&B-style crooning and rap-like flows throughout the song, his fluid performance anchored by the languid yet earnest hook, where he pleads, “Baby, take me serious.”

On Twitter, Russ revealed a through-line between “Serious,” from his upcoming album, Zoo, and “Ride Slow” from his platinum-selling breakthrough, There’s Really a Wolf, released last year:


The smooth, short-and-sweet “Serious” also couldn’t be further from the other song currently available from Zoo, “The Flute Song,” where we encounter Russ in full rapper mode. We won’t have to wait long to see what else the versatile artist has in store: Zoo is out a week from now.

Check out “Serious” by Russ below:


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