Raveena drops a ‘Lucid’ debut album

The record shows that “you can be soft, full of power and full of strength.”

Raveena has officially arrived. The up-and-coming R&B singer has released her debut album, Lucid.

The Indian-American musician goes at it on her own for most of the record, with the exception of “Floating,” which features Hope Tala. The LP also includes previously released singles like “Mama” and “Stronger.”

“[It] really digs into hard experiences,” Raveena said of the album in a press release. “It recounts a lot more of my suffering. You can be soft, full of power and full of strength. You can go through things that tend to really harden people, but that doesn’t take away from those beautiful, vulnerable, creative parts of yourself.”


Stream Lucid below:

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