Queen Naija shares romantic video for “Butterflies Pt 2”

She goes on a date with boyfriend Clarence White.

Queen Naija has shared a dreamy video for her latest single, “Butterflies Pt 2.”

The clip follows the singer on a romantic date with her longtime boyfriend Clarence White. The couple share milkshakes at a diner, prepare dinner together and, in a nod to Cinderella, take a horse-drawn carriage ride in a pumpkin through the city.

“You came into my life / Then made everything right again / I was once in a dark place / I remember when you told me / You were scared to fall in love again / Still you found a way to fall for me,” she croons on the loved-up track.


“Butterflies Pt 2” is the sequel to “Butterflies,” which appeared on Naija’s 2018 self-titled EP. Last year, the singer released the songs “Good Morning Text” and “Away from You.”

Watch the video for “Butterflies Pt 2” below:

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