Pink Sweat$, R&B’s newest maverick, drops ‘Volume 2’ EP

The acoustic guitar is the protagonist of this release.

Philadelphia artist Pink Sweat$ has dropped a new EP, Volume 2, that furthers his blend of heartfelt R&B sentiment and simple, acoustic melodies.

The five-song project—led by the country-esque ditty “I Know”—follows last year’s release, Volume 1. And though the acoustic guitar is the protagonist of this release, Sweat$ will have you know that even the percussion is pared-down.

“The drums are not actually drums—it’s me hitting the table, clapping my hands, snapping,” Sweat$ told Rolling Stone. “People are still like, ‘Most times you release a full-produced thing first.’ And I’m like, that’s why I’m doing it the other way.”


Stream Volume 2 here:

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