NIKI releases new song, “Dancing with the Devil”

Her debut EP, ‘Zephyr’, drops May 23.

NIKI is on a roll. The R&B princess from Jakarta, Indonesia, has just dropped a new song, and it’s possibly off her forthcoming debut EP, Zephyr. But we can confirm this: It’s another smooth, irresistible slow jam.

Where her previous single, “Vintage” is an infectious pop number inspired by ’90s R&B, “Dancing with the Devil” carries a more downtempo, chill-hop beat. And NIKI’s “Oh my god!” cry on the hook bears more than a passing resemblance to that Usher classic. For a tune about the 19-year-old’s hang-up over a former flame, it’s mature and intoxicating in all the right ways. 

“Boy, why am I so crazy for you? / You’re so talented in not coming home / But if it ain’t you I’d rather be alone / SOS situation / Can’t say no to temptation,” she sings. The chorus then kicks in—and you’re hooked for life.


Hear the track here:

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