NIKI is a fearless warrior in “Warpaint” video

She’s the leader of an all-female tribe.

Another day, another music video from the 88rising crew. This time it’s NIKI’s visual for her track “Warpaint,” off the collective’s debut joint album, Head in the Clouds.

Directed by Robin & Cako, the video opens with a group of young girls in tribal gear who rescue an unconscious NIKI by a river. It doesn’t take long before she’s appointed leader of the clan, leading them on a long trek through a mystical jungle to seek haven.

Throughout the journey, they recruit more women to join their tribe and encounter peculiar creatures. They finally find sanctuary in an abandoned water park, but their happiness is cut short when a mysterious man in a red cape appears.


Could he be a metaphor for love? Heartbreak? Decipher it for yourself here:

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