Nao’s new album, ‘Saturn,’ is out now

The R&B star embraces rebirth.

Two years after she burst onto the scene with “Girlfriend” and “Bad Blood,” Nao is back with a brand-new batch of R&B magic, Saturn. is out today.

As is often the case with sophomore records, the new album, out today, is a product of transition. It was named after the astrological phenomenon of ‘Saturn return.’

“It’s this idea that Saturn takes 29 years to orbit from when you’re born and it is the planet of blessings and growth. So by the time you’re around 29, between 27 and 32, something big happens in your life,” the artist explained in a statement. “You start to rethink everything—old stuff that your parents taught you or ideas that you believed in. It’s like a complete shedding of skin and it can be painful.”


Though the album’s been cast as a rebirth, some things don’t change: Like its predecessor, Saturn goes light on the collaborations. But the guests who do show up take the music to a different level. Standout “Make it Out Alive” features Top Dawg Entertainment artist Sir, producer Mura Masa pops up on the sultry “If You Ever,” and fellow Londoner Kwabs joins in on the title track.

Stream Saturn below:

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