Naomi Wild heads to “La La Land” on new single

An intriguing mix of R&B and EDM.

Los Angeles native Naomi Wild reflects on her hometown on her new single, “La La Land.”

The singer-songwriter infuses the eclectic R&B track with dark, bass-heavy EDM beats. “You get so high, you can’t come down / You left your mind up in the hills / Left your hometown for Hollywood,” she sings.

“‘La La Land’ is this kind of dark and playful way of me talking about my feelings about LA. I’m from LA, and I have this love/hate relationship with it,” Wild told Ghettoblaster. “When I meet people, the same question I always get is, ‘What’s it like being from here?,’ and I never know how to really answer that.”


“La La Land” follows Wild’s previous singles, “Run That” and 2018’s “Howlin.” She was also featured on Odesza’s “Higher Ground” in 2017. Stream her new release here:

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