Moses Sumney’s “Bless Me” is a heavenly affair

‘græ’ is out this Friday.

Moses Sumney has shared “Bless Me,” a new track from his upcoming græ album, which drops this Friday.

Co-produced by Sumney with John Congleton, “Bless Me” features the North Carolina singer’s silky vocals atop a laid-back and dreamy melody. The song starts off slow but gradually builds to a euphoric climax of shimmery guitars. “You must be an angel / Your conscience is clean / Why would you soil yourself / Wit’ a monster like me,” he croons.

The track dropped alongside a lo-fi VHS-inspired video that follows Sumney as he cruises through a neighborhood on his bicycle. The scenes are interspersed with footage of the singer performing an interpretive dance while wrapped in white sheets.

“Bless Me” is the latest taste of Sumney’s two-part album, græ. The LP, which released its first part in February, will finally arrive in full on May 15. It will include the tracks “Cut Me,” “Polly,” “Me in 20 Years” and more.


Watch the video for “Bless Me” below:


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