Masego dreams of travel on new song “Passport”

From the musician’s upcoming concept EP.

Masego has shared “Passport,” a new cut from his as-yet-untitled concept project due out later this year.

The musician’s latest track is paired with a dreamlike visualizer of the musician amidst flowers in a saturated garden. The single itself bemoans isolation over a quirky blend of trap beats, jazz and minimal R&B, a unique blend the multi-instrumentalist has termed “traphousejazz.”

Masego’s upcoming project, which will tell the story of a relationship from its inception to its eventual end, was inspired by an introspective period of time where he was able “to look inward and explore what he finds, both topically and sonically,” according to a press release. It will be his first major release to follow his 2018 debut album Lady Lady.


Masego’s debut LP featured the tracks “Old Age,” “Queen Tings” and FKJ collab “Tadow,” which found success on TikTok earlier this year and has soundtracked more than two million videos on the app.

“Passport” follows the release of Masego loosies “Big Girls,” “King’s Rant” and “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme).” It’s unclear if the other tracks will be on the tracklist of the new Masego EP.

While you wait for more details, listen to “Passport” here:


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