Masego celebrates “Big Girls” on his new song

Inspired by his recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

Masego has released a brand-new single titled “Big Girls.”

The jazzy track is the “Tadow” musician’s ode to ladies who are—as he puts it—”fluffy.” “Face down, made up / Bust down, cake up / Ladies, get your weight up / Welcome to the cake club,” he sings on the infectious chorus over bouncy drum beats.

The new track was inspired by the singer’s recent trip to Kenya. “I was in Nairobi, and there was a group of women that were the life [of] the party—I’m talkin’ Lizzo energy. I asked someone who they were, and they told me ‘that’s the Big Girls Crew,’” Masego said in a statement. “So I made a song about this party I went to on the great continent and just painted a scene of this cool event, called it the ‘Cake Club’ [where] Big Girls get in free.”


“Big Girls” is Masego’s first new release of the year. It follows his 2018 debut album, Lady Lady, which features tracks like “Old Age” and the Tiffany Gouché-assisted “Queen Tings.”

Listen to “Big Girls” here:

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