Mary J Blige, Nas are “Thriving” on their empowering new single

Two legends collide.

Mary J Blige and Nas have teamed up for a fiery new single, “Thriving.”

The R&B star opens the rock-tinged track with her powerful vocals, reflecting on her life and looking towards the future. “Look what I did, I made history / They don’t know what to do with me / Ain’t lookin’ back, keepin’ it movin’ / I know exactly how to do this,” she sings.

The New York rapper matches Blige’s energy on his brief verse, dismissing bad vibes and comparing himself to Muhammad Ali: “I picture myself here as a small guy / Switched up gears from Nasty Nas and Nasir like / Cassius Clay to Ali, the greatest of all time.”


The duo will soon be going on tour together. “I was hanging out with [Nas] and Puff around New Year’s Eve, and the next day, I think maybe two days later, I got a text from him saying, ‘Do you want to go on the road together?’” Blige explained on Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 show. “It all made sense because we came out in 1994, both of us. And it’s the 25th anniversary of both of our albums, [Blige’s My Life and Nas’ Illmatic].”

“Thriving” is Blige’s first new release since last year’s “Stronger Than I Ever Was” for the soundtrack of the 2018 animated film Sherlock Gnomes. On the other hand, Nas recently released his video for “Cops Shot the Kid.”

Stream “Thriving” below:


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