LOONY drops whimsical video for “Be Cool”

Following the April release of her EP ‘JOYRiDE.’

LOONY has shared a dreamy video for “Be Cool,” her latest single which dropped back in October.

In keeping with the track itself, the accompanying visual captures the longing, overthinking and melodrama that comes with developing a crush on someone. In the dreamy Kostadin Kolev-directed clip, LOONY alternates between lying forlornly on her bedroom floor, agonizing over outfits, and getting pep talks from a posse of supportive wingmen and wingwomen. “It’s not like I… / Love you / Oh no, so be cool / Just be cool,” she croons, in obvious denial, on the chorus.

The track and visual were inspired by LOONY’s own recent romantic escapades. “I had a crush on somebody and felt really stupid about it—you just feel dumb when you have a crush,” the artist told Refinery29. “I was thinking, I’m a grown up! Why do I feel gross and sweaty and like a little kid? I just decided to do a stream of consciousness on how I felt at the time and tried to make it sound cool so I could feel empowered somehow even though I really felt vulnerable and silly.” Fortunately for her, this particular pursuit “was successful! So it’s less embarrassing… but not really.”


Speaking about her intentions for the music video, she added, “I wanted it to be very hazy, very dreamy, and also to look very staged, like we were on set. I didn’t want anything to feel too real because that’s exactly how a crush is—everything feels so fake because you’re trying so hard.”

The clip is her latest release since her April EP JOYRiDE, itself a follow-up to 2018’s aptly titled Part I.

Watch the video for “Be Cool” below:


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