Listen to VanJess’ sophomore EP, ‘Homegrown’

The ’90s-inspired project draws on classic sounds by Mariah Carey, TLC and Aaliyah.

R&B sister duo VanJess—aka Ivana and Jessica Nwokike—have shared their sophomore EP, Homegrown.

The Nigerian-American pair enlisted a number of collaborators for the nine-track project, including Phony Ppl, Kaytranada, Jimi Tens, Garren and Devin Morrison. Speaking with OkayPlayer, the sisters explained that the project features ’90s R&B influences, which is a stylistic departure from their 2018 debut, Silk Canvas.

“We’re ’90s babies. We grew up listening to *NSYNC, Mariah Carey, TLC, Aaliyah. Growing up we were in choir,” Ivanna said. “Now we’re digging more into the technicalities of music, getting more into jazz, getting more into funk bands. We’re just products of what we’ve been around our whole lives.”


Prior to the EP’s release, VanJess shared songs such as “Caught Up” with Phony Ppl, “Curious” and “Slow Down.” Stream Homegrown below:

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