Listen to Ella Eyre’s sassy break-up single, “New Me”

“Ella ain’t here for your problems.”

British singer Ella Eyre has kicked off her 2020 with a fiery new single titled “New Me.”

The party-ready anthem is a kiss-off from the powerhouse vocalist to a toxic ex-boyfriend. “Ella ain’t here for your problems / Left-right-left, keep on walkin’ / Should’ve took care of your diamonds / It’s the new-new me, it’s the new me,” she sings on the infectious chorus.

“‘New Me’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written and I’ve been excited about this one for a while,” Eyre said in a press statement. “We’ve all made bad decisions at the end of a relationship and ‘New Me’ is about embodying a whole new mindset and finding the strength and self-worth to cut off a toxic situation.”

“New Me” is Eyre’s second release since signing with Island Records last July, following “Mama” with Banx & Ranx and Kiana Ledé. The singer first made her debut in 2015 with Feline, which peaked at number four on the UK albums chart.


Stream “New Me” below:


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