Kiana Ledé releases “Mad at Me”

    Her latest single samples OutKast.

    Kiana Lede Mad at Me new single
    Image: Written in Silver Visuals/

    Kiana Ledé has dropped her first track of 2020, “Mad at Me.”

    The track marks the start of a “new era” for Ledé, as she declared on Instagram. She delivers sultry vocals over polished production and an OutKast sample of “So Fresh So Clean” on the hook: “I been on my hot shit lately / Can’t be mad at me / You been on some fuck shit lately / Keep that distance please.”

    Last year, the Phoenix-raised, Los Angeles-based artist released a handful of loose singles, including “Easy Breezy,” “Mama,” “Title,” and “Ex.” She also put out her sophomore EP, Myself.

    “If I shed light on anything, it was only because I was exploring myself for real for the first time. I was dealing with the idea of ‘self.’ I had given too much of it,” she said of the project during an interview with HypeBae. “[I] was the guiding light [of the EP]—who I realized I wanted to be as I emerged from darkness and into my own perspective.”

    Hear Ledé’s latest single, “Mad at Me,” below: