Khalid’s road trip goes awry in his “Free Spirit” MV

Watch it to the end.

Khalid released his album Free Spirit earlier this month, and has now debuted the music video for its title track. It was excerpted from the short film, directed by Emil Nava, that accompanied the album’s release and premiered in theaters for one day only.

In the clip, Khalid and his friends go on a road trip that’s full of fun, drinking, smoking and laughs. However, a member of the group leaves and is later seen dancing at a strip club. A scene of a convenience store robbery appears at the end of the clip, and one of Khalid’s friends can be seen lying on the floor clutching his injured arm while the cashier lies lifeless behind the register.

Hopefully Khalid will drop more visuals to reveal what comes after the violent ending of “Free Spirit.”


Check it out below:

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