Khalid, HER team up for “This Way”

It's a major vibe.

Khalid and HER are two of the hottest names in R&B right nowand they’ve combined their vocal powers for “This Way,” a smoky, soulful jam from the upcoming Superfly movie.

The chill, downtempo track hears the two playing the blame game, pointing fingers at each other for their messy relationship. “You left me this scar on my heart / And I left you a brand-new car,” Khalid sings, getting the first word in.

He flies solo on the first half, before HER returns to respond with her otherworldly pipes. “You took me for granted / Always wanna play the victim / When they don’t know the truth.”


It’s a standout track that effortlessly blends their luscious vocals together. Stream it here:

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