Kehlani takes aim at the internet on “Everybody Business”

It interpolates Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z’s 2003 song, “Frontin.”

Kehlani’s on a roll. Hot on the heels of last month’s “Toxic,” the singer has returned with yet another single titled “Everybody Business.”

The song interpolates Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z’s 2003 collaboration “Frontin,” and was co-produced by Kehlani with Go Grizzly and Loshendrix. Over a smoky guitar melody, she sings about the effects of fame and shuts down rumors about her life. “So, if you hear that rah-rah-rah about me / Talkin’ all out the side of they mouth about me / I beg you, don’t listen / I beg you, just hear me,” Kehlani pleads.

“I wrote this song sitting on the floor in the room with Loshendrix, Go Grizzly, Trinidad James and Destin Conrad,” she recalled on Instagram. “I remember saying the first line and all of us knowing it was going to be one of the ones. The way we all laughed, got silent, nodded our heads, walked around in circles. When I was nervous to sing the hook out loud because I didn’t know if they would think I was hilarious for flipping Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’ in a guitar ballad.”


“Everybody Business” dropped alongside a self-directed video under the singer’s pseudonym Hyphy Williams (a reference to revered music video director Hype Williams). The first half of the clip features Kehlani, decked out in a gorgeous purple suit, performing the track in her lush backyard. The latter half finds the singer slumped against a wall as the screen slowly fills up with tabloid clippings about her dating life and sexuality.

Watch the video for “Everybody Business” below:

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