Kehlani drops another steamy quarantine video for “F&MU”

‘It Was Good Until it Wasn’t’ is out next week.

Kehlani is keeping busy during the pandemic lockdown: The R&B star has just dropped a video for new single “F&MU,” filmed from quarantine.

“F&MU”—which is short for “Fuck & Make Up”—is the third single from her upcoming album, It Was Good Until it Wasn’t. Like the clip for previous release “Toxic,” this video proves Lani doesn’t need a huge budget or fancy set to craft a steamy, sensual clip: just dance moves, smoldering gazes and a hunky co-star.

Kehlani recently confirmed that all the videos from her upcoming album were shot in her own home and edited in her “hot ass garage.”


It Was Good Until it Wasn’t, which will also feature the track “Everybody Business,” is due out May 8. It arrives over a year after Kehlani’s last project, the mixtape While We Wait.

Watch the video for “F&MU” here:


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