Kali Uchis shares trippy “Just a Stranger” video

She don’t want love, just hundred-dollar bills.

Kali Uchis has unveiled the video for “Just a Stranger,” the Steve Lacy-produced cut from her debut album Isolation, which arrived in April.

Directed by Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman of BRTHR, with Uchis as creative director, the clip is downright hysterical. Dressed in a neon green mini-dress with a wig to match, the Colombian-American bombshell and her flashy squad spend the video partying on a boat loaded with stacks and stacks of cash. Towards the end, Uchis finally arrives at her destination: It’s an island that rains money all day long.

In an earlier interview with Pitchfork, the R&B singer described the song as a kiss-off to “people who spend so much time criticizing [others] for being bold and being themselves.” “It doesn’t matter what you have to say about this girl who’s powerful and confident,” she said. “You can’t tell her that she’s being too extra, you can’t tell her that she’s feeling herself too much. Let her feel herself! Let her do whatever the fuck she wants to do! Do you, and let her do her.”


As for the video, Uchis had to this to say:

Check out the “Just a Stranger” video below:


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