Justine Skye gets personal on her new EP, ‘Bare With Me’

Her first release since leaving Roc Nation.

Justine Skye has released a brand-new EP titled Bare With Me.

The R&B singer is “just trying to be [her] most authentic self” on the six-track project, she told Highsnobiety. “Obviously, I want people to enjoy it as much as I do, but I feel like I’ve drowned myself in expectations to the point that it drove me crazy. I realized I’m a lot happier now that I’m just following my instincts and being surprised.”

Skye considers the EP, which is her first release since leaving Jay-Z’s Roc Nation earlier this year, the “setup” for her future releases. “After this project, a lot of questions that people had about me will be answered. People will be able to really see the direction that I’m trying to go in.”


Bare With Me is Skye’s first release as an independent artist. She previously released two EPs under Atlantic Records and one under Republic Records, as well as her debut album Ultraviolet, which arrived last January via Roc Nation.

Stream Bare With Me here:

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