Jorja Smith drops moving new song, “By Any Means”

For Roc Nation’s new artist-led initiative to support victims of social injustice.

British singer Jorja Smith has released the song “By Any Means,” which is part of the Reprise project by Roc Nation.

The new artist-led initiative aims to bring awareness to social issues and bolster the efforts of organisations that support victims of hate crimes, police brutality and other civil rights violations through a collection of songs. On the track, Smith delivers something akin to a spiritual experience by way of her spine-tingling vocals.

“I take pride in the things that we’ve done side by side in the revolution / Won’t stay silent for things that I love ’cause we know dem nuh care about us / White men can’t jump but at least they can run broke these chains just to put our hands up / They can never see the kingdom comin’,” Smith sings. On the chorus, she declares: “By any means I will fight,” and a choir back her up: “For you, for you.”


In a statement, Smith said, “The inspiration behind ‘By Any Means’ really came from going to the Black Lives Matter protest and leaving thinking, what can I do to keep this conversation going? It’s not just a post on social media, it’s life.”

Reprise will partner with organizations such as The Gathering for Justice, Until Freedom, NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice, Equal Justice Initiative Mission and Grassroots Law Project Mission. The project joins a growing list of initiatives founded by the philanthropy arm of Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation that includes the annual Tidal X benefit concerts.

Prior to “By Any Means,” Smith contributed a cover of St Germain’s “Rose Rouge” to the compilation Blue Note Re:imagined, and sang “Kiss Me in the Morning” for the soundtrack of the Netflix series The Eddy.


Listen to “By Any Means” below:

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