Joji announces new album, ‘Nectar,’ with “Gimme Love”

The follow-up to ‘Ballads 1’ is on the way.

Joji has returned with “Gimme Love,” a taste of his forthcoming album, Nectar.

The song is broken into two parts, the first produced by the 88rising artist himself and the second half by Bekon & Donuts. The pop song, breezy and nostalgic, opens with the infectious hook: “Gimme, gimme love / Gimme, gimme love when I’m gone.”

At around the two-minute mark, the track gives way to a more dramatic sound, as Joji’s lines are enveloped by a backing choir and delicate guitar riffs. “Caught in a river of records and goals / How will you keep up with me? / Everyone’s looking for someone to hold / But I can’t let you go,” he croons.


In the accompanying video, Joji plays a scientist who dedicates his life to leaving Earth in search of other worlds. The visual transforms as the song changes, and ends with the singer blasting off into space.

“Gimme Love” will appear on Nectar, alongside the previously released “Run.” The LP is the follow-up to 2018’s Ballads 1, and is due out July 10.

Watch the video for “Gimme Love” below:


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