John Legend declares that “We Need Love”

    Written by Tebby Burrows, the winner of the first episode of ‘Songland.’

    John Legend We Need Love MV
    Image: Songland official YouTube

    John Legend has dropped a new single, “We Need Love,” as part of NBC’s new music reality competition, Songland.

    The singer guest judged on the show’s debut episode last Tuesday night, and chose songwriter Tebby Burrows’s “We Need Love” as the winning composition. Legend’s voice brings the piano ballad to life, declaring love as the solution to a violent and grief-stricken world. “Too many bridges burning, too many battle lines / Too many wounded dreamers left behind / Too much time spent building walls / Was what we found worth what we lost?” he sings.

    “We Need Love” is Legend’s latest single, following February’s “Preach.” Listen to it below: