Jhené Aiko practices self-care in video for “Speak”

Another visual from her ‘Chilombo’ album.

Jhené Aiko has released a serene video for “Speak,” a cut from her Chilombo album.

The clip captures the singer as she embraces newfound freedom and solitude after a break-up. “Woke up this mornin’, heart was beating out my chest / So excited, realizin’ / That you aren’t here to judge me, no one to impress / I decided that I liked it, yeah,” she sings. The visual also features Aiko producing music and playing her crystal singing bowls, which were featured on every Chilombo track.

“During making the album, I was reading a book called Sacred Sounds that just explains how the different sounds and different vowels resonate with your chakra system. I was so interested in incorporating that into my music,” Aiko previously told Nylon. “I really wanted to put that intention into the music and really have it be this real thing that you can listen to.”

Back in July, Aiko released the deluxe edition of Chilombo, which added nine new tracks. She previously released videos for album cuts “One Way St” with Ab-Soul, “BS” with HER and “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW).”


Watch the video for “Speak” below:


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