Jhené Aiko links up with ex-boyfriend Big Sean for new song

Watch the video for “None of Your Concern” here.

Jhené Aiko released a video for her new single, “None of Your Concern,” which features a surprise appearance from ex-boyfriend Big Sean.

In the delicate clip, Aiko journeys to a tranquil cabin in the woods where she tries to find solace after a bad break-up. “I was traumatized and suicidal, I’m sick and tired, I am not to blame / Once I felt the wave and not today, I’m not afraid, now I can say / Get your bitch ass off of my phone, please leave me alone / I am not your girl anymore, you need to watch your tone,” she sings.

Around the three-minute mark, the visual cuts to Big Sean, who delivers an emotional verse about their relationship from a church by the ocean. “Seems like I needed you more than I needed myself / Just like I always felt like cheatin’ on you would be cheatin’ myself / To me, that’s just some dumb shit for you to say we done with / Tryna speak your heart, tryna make your mark,” he raps


Aiko and Sean previously collaborated on his song, “Single Again,” which will appear on his forthcoming fifth studio album, Don Life. Watch the video for “None of Your Concern” below:

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