Jessie Ware drops sensual “What’s Your Pleasure” video

The title track of her latest album.

Jessie Ware has released a dreamy, disco-influenced video for her new song, “What’s Your Pleasure?”

In the clip directed by Vicky Lawton, Ware dances to the beat of her song with sass and confidence. The choreographed sequence also features dancers in jaw-dropping outfits that enhance the visual’s dark elements.

“I have been working with French choreographers ICouldNeverBeADancer for this whole campaign. They are fantastic and understand my love for [dancer and choreographer Bob] Fosse and my desire for my fans to be able to dance with me,” Ware said in an interview with V Magazine.

“I love the simplicity and musical theater element of their moves. [It’s] fun, elite and anyone can have a go. The hardest part of this video was that it came about very quickly so I didn’t have that long to learn the choreography, but I got there!”


“I wanted the video to be all about letting loose and having sheer unadulterated fun with a sprinkle of filth!” she added.

“What’s Your Pleasure?” is the title track of Ware’s latest album, which dropped late last month. The 12-track record includes the songs “Step Into My Life,” “Save a Kiss,” and “Adore You.”

Watch the video for “What’s Your Pleasure?” below:


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