Jazmine Sullivan returns with new single, “Tragic”

She performed the new song and “On it” with Ari Lennox at the BET Awards.

Jazmine Sullivan has returned with a new single called “Tragic,” six months after sharing her highly praised album, Heaux Tales.

The Leven Kali-produced track centers on the phrase “reclaiming my time,” which Congresswoman Maxine Waters says in a sampled audio snippet in the song’s intro.

“What he failed to tell you was when you’re on my time, I can reclaim it,” Waters had said in a 2017 congressional hearing, quotes of which went viral. Over a chill R&B instrumental, Sullivan wields the phrase against a lover who isn’t pulling their weight in the bedroom.


“Good loving is more than fucking, sex just ain’t enough / Can you turn me on with no penetration? / Engine running, but don’t leave out the station,” she sings. “Who was lying when they told you you was all that? / And we had it / Just another good laugh in our group chat / Reclaim, reclaim, reclaim, reclaimin’ my time.”

Sullivan first teased the single in an Instagram chat with friends, in which she said she was “continuing the conversation around Heaux Tales with some of my dope friends, old and new.” Heaux Tales arrived back in January and featured Ari Lennox, Anderson .Paak and HER.

Sullivan also performed the song at the BET Awards 2021, which happened last night. It began with an introduction by Waters herself, and later transitioned into a rendition of Heaux Tales’ “On it” with Ari Lennox.


Watch that performance here:

An listen to the studio version of “Tragic,” below:

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