Janelle Monáe releases jazzy cover of “He’s a Tramp”

It appears on the soundtrack of the new ‘Lady and the Tramp’ remake.

Janelle Monáe has covered “He’s a Tramp,” for Disney’s new remake of the 1955 animated film, Lady and the Tramp. She voices Peg the Pekingese in the new movie.

The jazzy rendition replaces the original’s piano melody with a groovy bassline, but otherwise stays faithful to Peggy Lee’s version. “He’s a tramp, but we love him / Pulls a new scam every day / He’s a tramp, we adore him / And we know he’ll always stay that way,” Monáe sings. The rework also dials down the dog barking harmonies.

Monáe’s cover of “He’s a Tramp” appears on the soundtrack for the new Lady and the Tramp. The OST also features “That’s Enough,” an original song written and sung by Monáe. Unfortunately, that track is currently only available if you buy the album in full.


The Lady and the Tramp remake recently premiered on the new video streaming platform, Disney+. Besides Monáe, the film also features voice work from Justin Theroux, Tessa Thompson and more.

Listen to “He’s a Tramp” and the rest of the Lady and the Tramp soundtrack below:

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