Janelle Monáe plays a fashionable fugitive in “Screwed” video

Co-starring ‘Creed’’s Tessa Thompson.

Janelle Monáe’s dropped another Dirty Computer visual, this time for the Zoë Kravitz-assisted cut “Screwed.”

Continuing the narrative of Dirty Computer – An Emotion Picture, the “Screwed” chapter opens with Monáe and her crew (which includes actress Tessa Thompson) waking up after a wild rooftop party. No time to recover from hangovers, though, because soon they’re spotted by a surveillance robot, which chases after them throughout.

Their escape is interspersed with colorful clips of Monáe and her band performing in an underground club, where everyone’s free to part. But, unbeknownst to them, the droids have been secretly watching through the vents.

And when the song’s built around a vocal hook that shouts “We’re all screwed,” it’s no surprise a happy ending can be a little harder to come by.


Watch the video below:

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